Sudoku and Friends

is an online synchronous multiplayer where players race to figure out more digits than the opponent. Built with UXvibe's multiplayer engine in co-operation with Stockholm based indie studio Fula Fisken.

UXvibe partners with Press Start Studios

San Francisco based Press Start Studios will together with UXvibe create a real-time multiplayer version of the studios endless runner game developed in Unity3D – Drive me Bananas!

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UXvibe partners with Chinese game publisher to bring Swedish app games to China

At UXvibe we work with several game publishers in China to bring Swedish app games to the Chinese market.

One of the publishers is PFUmobile, a publisher and developer based in Beijing.

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Why do western games get hacked in China?

The issue of piracy and hacking always comes up when we talk to game developers in Sweden. UXvibe interviewed several Chinese publishers to get insights of the Chinese perspective.

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UXvibe adds support for Corona

In a new project, UXvibe will make a real-time multiplayer arcade from a well-known single player game by a indie studio in Stockholm. The game, made with Corona, has been among the top 3 games on the iOS chart for US.

UXvibe also supports games created with Unity3D and native Android.

UXvibe meets publisher Talkweb

TalkWeb is the company that published Plants vs. Zombie, the top grossing game in China. UXvibe went to visit their headquarter in Nansha, known to be the ultimate party city of China, to demo games from our partner companies.

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The Big Idea

Do you have a great single player game that would be even more fun in multiplayer? Are you looking for someone, who can help you build the concept and implement it in your game? You can partner with UXvibe to make it happen!

In UXvibe, we have built our own cross-platform multiplayer engine. Using our engine and expertise we can create a unique multiplayer for your game. We not only provide the engine - we actually integrate it with your game, manage the servers and make sure it always runs.

Start with a prototype

  1. We and you brainstorm and agree on multiplayer gameplay.
  2. We sign an NDA with you, so you can let us access your code without risk.
  3. UXvibe team creates the prototype in 7 days (with no obligation from your side).

This is just a beginning. If we both agree, that the game is fun as multiplayer, we should work together to create a polished game!

Finish it together

Partnership is a complex relationship. The only thing we can tell in advance is, what UXvibe aims for.

  1. We want to put our resources, services and effort into making a good multiplayer gameplay.
  2. We want to share the risk and also share the benefits.
  3. We want to create new services, if they are necessary to make your game really fun.


Creating a fun multiplayer game and generating revenue from it requires a lot of different functionality. UXvibe's multiplayer engine has out the box support for the most common building blocks. It also can be extended with new services to make your game unique.

Today we support games written using Unity3D, native Android (Java) and Corona. Do you use another game engine? If your game is great we will add support for it!

Server infrastructure and client APIs

The multiplayer functionality is supported through real-time messaging between the devices participating in a match. No server-side code is necessary, all your game logic can be kept on the device. Our scalable server infrastructure will handle the messaging.

Player accounts and cloud storage

Players can use their UXvibe account to login to the game, use the same avatar and settings in all games!

Game progress can also be stored in the user's account. You can let players continue, where they left off, but on another device

Intelligent Player Matching

Our platform provides advanced matching of players to ensure lowest end-to-end latency and that players have similar skill-level. The matching is customizable per game.

Get your game Discovered

All games, which are integrated with UXvibe platform, can be promoted and presented at the UXvibe network.

We will arrange cross-game competitions and encourage players to try new games! Players can see what games their friends are playing.

Through the UXvibe app we will push for new games and activities.

Monetize on Multiplayer

UXvibe provides a Freemium model for you to monetize on your multiplayer games! We integrate support for the pay-per-play monetization model in our APIs.

Players that sign-up in our network can buy virtual coins and use them to bet against other players in all other games in our network.

UXvibe charges a fee from each bet and we share the fee with you - the game developer.

About Us

There are many thousands of small studios in the world with lots of talented game developers, who just love to make great games. Many of those games are innovative and are appreciated by millions of players.

Social functions (like multiplayer) can enhance retention, because players find it more fun. So why don't we see more multiplayer games out there?

One of the reasons is that making a multiplayer game requires a lot of effort and know-how. Most studios lack resources to handle both game development and running their own servers. In UXvibe, we want to use our expertise to support those gifted small studios and to make their games even more fun. We want to minimize entry barrier for multiplayer, so we provide our services at no starting cost.

Our goal is, to let you (as game developer) do, what you love to do. Let us worry about building and managing the multiplayer.


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